Public Opinion - Multilevel Governance - Survey Methods - Latin America & South Asia

Papers in Progress:

1. Criminal Violence and Executive Approval in Latin America

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2. The Effects of Natural Disasters on Public Opinion in Mexico

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3. Public Security and Political Participation in Latin America 

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Regional Authority Index - Contributor 

Since 2016, I have been a contributor to the Regional Authority Index (RAI). The RAI dataset tracks regional authority on an annual basis from 1950 to 2010 in 81 countries. The sample consists of all EU member states, all OECD member states, all Latin American countries, ten countries in Europe beyond the EU and eleven in the Pacific and South-East Asia. As the RAI dataset keeps expanding, I have had the pleasure to contribute by being the co-author of two of the country profiles (Pakistan and India) along with their respective country scores for all relevant subnational tiers.

Executive Approval Project - Contributor

As part of my interest on public opinion in Latin America I also contributed to the Executive Approval Database. This database is a cross-national effort to measure and analyze public support for political executives. As a contributor, I collected primary survey data from thousands of surveys measuring executive approval for Mexico.